CodeSlicr wants to be your web Superhero!

CodeSlicr is your one-stop code slicing service, from the time you submit your design you only have to wait 3 business days to receive the files you need to get your web project up, up, and away.

CodeSlicr will take your design and slice it up into optimised images and combine them with clean, structured (easy to read) CSS and search engine optimized, web standards compliant XHTML to bring your beautiful designs to the world wide web!

Whether you're a solo designer looking to get some professional help or a web agency looking to outsource some of your work, CodeSlicr is ready to do some of your heavy lifting.


How Does It Work?

Getting Your Designs on the Web Doesn't Have to be Hard


Getting your designs on the web has never been easier. You can spend more time sweating the design when you know that CodeSlicr is here to sweat the code. We can slice fully-layered files from Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe® Illustrator®, Adobe® Fireworks® or The Gimp into web-ready code.

Just 4 (count 'em...four) Easy Steps

  1. Create your design in your favorite tool.
  2. Upload your zipped design file to the CodeSlicr server.
  3. Review the sliced design on the CodeSlicr test server.
  4. Receive the final code package, ready to go to your web server.

Note: When you upload your design files, please keep them layered. Please don't send JPEGs, GIFs, or other flat files.

What Does It Cost?

It's More Affordable Than You Think


You can take your designs to the web without destroying your project budget. You could have your design web-ready in 3 business days for only $250. Some designs might include content pages that are variants for the home/landing page. No Problem. Design variations based on your main design can be coded for only $80 per variation.*

Service Fee
Single Design
(1 psd/illustrator/png)
(1 xhtml + 1 css)
Design Variations $80/variation*
NEW! Custom WordPress Theme Code
(1 psd/illustrator/png)
(full WordPress content directory)

*Note: Design variation pricing only applies during a single project. Simply stated, a design variation must be defined before delivery of the final sliced code for the $80 per variation pricing to apply.


How Long Does It Take?

Your Web Project is Only 3 Days Away


Oh! Oh! This one's easy! Three days. Tres días. Tre giorni. Drei Tage. Trois jours.

You read that right! From the time your design file is uploaded to the CodeSlicr file server (or otherwise deliver it to us) you can have your web-ready code within 3 business days.

What Do Your Get from CodeSlicr?

  • Hand Coded XHTML
  • Structured CSS
  • Optimized Images
  • Cross Browser Support for A-Grade Browsers
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Web Standards Compliant Code

Besides the web-ready code, optimized images, et al., you will, or course, get you original design files back.

Let's Get Started

Come On. What are You Waiting For?

Read Me Before Uploading: Before you upload the file, name it something short (less than 15 characters) with no spaces or symbols. Use the underline character ( _ ) for a space if necessary. Uploaded files OVERWRITE any file of the same name already on the server, so if you need to change a file just upload the same file again.