Mack's Musings

Recent Milestones

  • Joined LuminFire as Solutions Architect Jan 2024
  • Joined Codence as Application Developer Jan 2023
  • Redesigned Jul 2022
  • Redesigned Jun 2022
  • Launched MackDaddy Fun & Games Feb 2022
  • Founded Qube Consulting Jun 2019
  • Joined Volvo IT Oct 2017
  • Joined Expansion, LLC Jun 2014
  • Joined Bariatric Eating Feb 2014

Did you know, Mack...

  • has a sidekick named Stubby? He's part-beagal, part-dachshund, all-Snack mooch.
  • got his first comic book at the age of 5. It was Detective Comics #441. He's loved superheroes ever since.
  • learned to drive stick in a Zayre's parking lot? It was a 1982 Chevy Cavalier Hatchback.
  • is a very out of practice piano player?
  • used to play Advanced Dungeons & Dragons? His favorite character was a Paladin named Sir Clark of Kent.
  • wrote his first program in BASIC on an Apple IIe? It drew the TARDIS and made it dematerialize. (It was very COOL.)
  • owned a Commodore 64 for his first computer? (It is stilled missed.)
  • owned a comic book store named Rocket Comics? (He plans to reopen it some day.)